Monday, February 22, 2010

I Cant Make Pancakes How To Make Donuts With Pancake Mix?? Is It Possible?

How to make donuts with pancake mix?? is it possible? - i cant make pancakes

I'm super bored and I wonder whether you can do with donuts pancake mix ..
and a few other things that I have is ..
Vegetable oil.
all that is required?
ohh and I just want the donut hole rising real ..
If I can Donuts something else that I can make faster decisions that before?


  1. Im not sure but my cousin once made pancakes come with things like the Pillsbury biscuits in the cardboard tube snapshot.
    I think the cold. I have the paint is not yet done. I think it was something mixed with sugar. Maybe it was heated with a little sugar and milk in the microwave, in not quite sure I remember it very well.
    I hope this helped.
    Maybe go to the website and I noticed that the donut recipes, Pillsbury House of existence I think she found the recipe in the biscuit tube, but as I say, can not remember. hahaha.

  2. I donuts and cookies in a box, just fry. Flatten and make a hole in the middle and voila, you have donuts. I use cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar or frosting on the cake until the end. They are really fast and delicious. Fry the pies do not think it would give him a donut, but if you kind of end that you put in a spray bottle and make funnel cake with powdered sugar or fruit covered. It would be great.

  3. Now make pancakes and boring, if your donation is always trying to do what you them.Let to fry, such as out.Good're lucky.